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A Cluster Of Storms Are Brewing In The Gulf & They're Headed For Florida

Grab a book and a blanket, it's snuggle weather!

The Sunshine State may be lacking one of its most iconic elements today as Florida weather predictions show things getting stormy on the Gulf Coast. The pocket of energy brewing in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to hit Florida’s shores by late morning or early afternoon. With the potential to produce damaging winds, heavy rainfall, small hail, and lots of lightning, Floridians should proceed with traveling cautiously throughout the day.

The National Weather Service’s hazardous weather outlook report for the short term included predicted wind gusts of up to 50 or 60 mph, hail up to one inch in diameter, and one to two inches of rainfall in a single hour.

FOX 35 meteorologist Jayme King reported that the risk for severe storms to reach their peak should occur by 2 p.m.

Overall, the threat of tornados is low, with a minimal chance of flooding. Damaging winds and hail fall under enhanced and high-risk advisories, warning Floridians to stay vigilant and safe.

FOX 35 reported that the day is expected to be hot and humid, which is directly tied to the sea breeze blowing in from the Gulf coast along with the incoming storms.

The advisory is set to follow through the evening, continuing into at least Tuesday.

The National Weather Service also warned of torrential downpours which could potentially flood poorly drained areas, as well as dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

You may want to think about rescheduling that beach day.

This activity is currently set to push across central Florida by mid-afternoon and reach the east coast by evening.

While stormy conditions can put a damper on your plans, the rain may be just what The Sunshine State needed following a dry spell and near-record high temps that lead to wildfires sweeping across the state — some even resulting in evacuations.

These storms are expected to take their time moving across Florida’s east coast on Tuesday. Residents are advised to have a safe indoor space to retreat to well in advance of the storm.

Make sure you keep up to date with current weather alerts and stay safe out there!

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