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Florida Will Feel Like The Amazon Rainforest This Week With Humidity & Rainfall

There's even a chance for a tropical storm.
Florida Weather Rainfall & Humidity Will Feel Like The Amazon Rainforest This Week

There are a couple of different types of people when it comes to rainy weather: those who get genuinely excited and go searching for their favorite blanket and a good book as they listen to the pitter-patter of drops hit their window and those who just pine for the great outdoors while they wait for the storm to pass. Whichever one you are, prepare for super muggy and rainy Florida weather this week with humidity rivaling the Amazon rainforest, risk of flooding, and even a chance for a tropical storm.

The Hazardous Weather Outlook issued by The National Weather Service warns that the heaviest rains will wash over Volusia, Brevard, Seminole, and Orange counties.

Chances of rainfall will stay around 80% for the Sunshine State this week.

The Weather Channel reports current humidity levels for the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil at 79%. In Orlando, Florida, the humidity is expected to reach 87% this evening.

Central Florida will stay in a range of 69-80% humidity throughout the next 7 days, while the Amazon generally hovers between 77% during the dry season and 88% on average during the rainy season.

As Florida continues to be like a mini-rainforest with a streak of wet weather, this leaves areas at risk for flash flooding, especially in places with poor drainage.

The National Weather Service has issued flood watches for Martin County as well as all along the east coast from Stuart to Hobe Sound.

High winds are also pummeling the coastline, increasing the risk for life-threatening rip currents and surf along most of the east coast. There's even a chance for a tropical storm to form.

The National Hurricane Center reports that while the chances for conditions to grow into a tropical storm are currently low at around 20%, Florida weather can be unpredictable and residents should plan in advance with a place to seek shelter in mind.

While you explore the state as if it were the Amazon Rainforest this week, stay safe and keep an eye out for developing weather alerts!

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