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10 Cute Florida Cities To Visit That Aren't Miami

The Sunshine State is so much more than Miami & Beaches.
Florida's Best Cities To Visit That Aren’t Miami

There's so much about Miami that draws a crowd; whether it's the art adorning the streets, the exclusive feel of their bars & nightlife, or the shimmering sands of their coastal beaches — but there's so much more to the Sunshine State than Miami & its beaches. Many other cities offer just as much excitement, if not more.

If you're looking for Florida's best cities to visit that aren't Miami, look no further than this list. From history & historic architecture, hippie havens & coastal gems, to spooky vibes & exciting adventures, this list has it all. We spy a BFF road trip in our future.


Address: Gulfport, FL.

Why You Need To Go: A colorful little town full of hippie vibes and sunshine. Many of the shops are brightly painted with tons of character and a little vintage charm; you'll also find tons of public art and gorgeous seaside views of the Gulf of Mexico. The town's slogan is "Keep Gulfport Weird" & it's full of eclectic, progressive, and artistic hippie humans.


Address: Orlando, FL.

Why You Need To Go: Everyone knows Orlando for Disney, but there is so much more here scattered throughout the city. Go get some ramen at a Dragon Ball Z or Naruto themed Noodle Shop, go glow in the dark putt-putt golfing, ride a giant observation wheel at Icon Park, race on go-karts at Florida's largest track, find a hidden post-apocalyptic 'Fallout' themed speakeasy inside of a comic shop, play arcade games at nerdy bars, & so much more.

St. Augustine

Address: St. Augustine, FL.

Why You Need To Go: A cute little city that will take you back in time, you'll almost feel like you're in Spain with all the classic architecture. Wander the historic St. George's Street, get gourmet meals & coffee from huts, indulge in an insane milkshake, check out the oldest school house in the U.S., a whimsical oddity museum, and so much more.

Ybor City

Address: Ybor City, FL.

Why You Need To Go: A suburb famous for its cigars, you'll feel like you've stepped right out of modern times and back into the past. Tons of historic architecture and hidden gems worth exploring nearby too, like this hidden gothic antique & oddity shop & this secret haunted gothic speakeasy that feels like a mini haunted mansion.


Address: Matlacha, FL.

Why You Need To Go: This town is known for its cute & quaint charm, you'll feel like you're in hippie heaven as you wander the city and it's ever colorful coastal vibes. Tons of little gems are hidden throughout the city & make super cute photo ops. You can even stay in a village made up entirely of tiny homes here.


Address: Islamorada, FL.

Why You Need To Go: A super small town located in Key West that offers dreamy ocean views and unique hippie hangouts, like the Trading Post at Village Square. Hit up the beaches for swimming, snorkeling, and insane sunsets over crystal clear & sparkling turquoise waters.


Address: Kissimmee, FL

Why You Need To Go: There's so much to do here, and it's so diverse. Explore the bustling city for tons of different food & theme park options, like this vintage theme park that will take you back in time, get buried alive at a year-round haunted house, or visit the sister location of Tank America that lets you drive tanks and crush cars: Machine Gun America to shoot big guns, or keep it chill with a visit to a hidden indoor jungle oasis. Tons of museums and resorts to stay at & explore.


Address: Cassadaga, FL.

Why You Need To Go: From whimsical hidden fairy hiking trails to spiritual readings & spooky haunted history ghost hunting, this town has a lot of character. You'll find a lot of things regarding the paranormal at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, including aura readers & mediums. Whether you're a fairy or a witch, you'll fit in here just fine.

Crystal River

Address: Crystal River, FL

Why You Need To Go: A haven for those looking to take to the springs. Stunning crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling and some of the best underwater shots imaginable. Perfect for kayaking or canoeing too — you can even swim with manatees here.

Live Oak

Address: Live Oak, FL.

Why You Need To Go: A quaint little place for the museum-goer, the spring hopper, and the explorer. Suwanne Springs is nearby, as well as a stunning hidden graffiti-covered bridge that's a trippy road tripper's dream; a hidden water park in the forest isn't too far away either. They also host an insanely colorful Halloween festival in the forest that has some serious electric forest vibes, which is happening at the end of October. They also have unique Airbnb options, like this glamping cabin right on the river.

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