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Canadians Are Baking So Much That Robin Hood Had To Change Their Packaging

Their iconic yellow packaging has been scrapped for now!
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Canada’s new favourite hobby is causing some serious national shortages. In recent weeks, trying to find flour in Canada has become impossible, and it’s because everybody is suddenly baking. While suppliers are working around the clock to meet our new demands, they’re struggling to keep up. For Robin Hood, it’s their iconic yellow packing that’s in short supply.

Thanks to new social distancing rules, we’ve all been staying at home a lot more than usual. The result of this, it seems, is that we’re all taking up some new hobbies, namely — baking.

While learning a new skill in isolation is a great idea, our new favourite pastime is causing some very specific shortages across the country, including flour, eggs, yeast and even chocolate chips.

The demand is so high that one of Canada’s biggest flour sellers has been forced to use completely different packaging because they’re running out of their iconic yellow bags to sell it in.

In a Facebook post, Robin Hood explained, “To keep up with the surge in demand, we are temporarily packaging some of our flour in white and brown bags."

The baking company confirmed that the product inside was no different, and noted that the traditional bright packaging would be back as soon as possible.

“We’ve temporarily dressed down, but what’s inside has stayed the same,” Robin Hood reassured customers.

The post had more than 1,000 responses from customers, many of whom confirming that buying baking supplies in Canada has become almost impossible.

One follower explained, “I haven’t been able to buy Robin Hood flour for almost a month."

Another shared a similar message, adding, “As long as I can get the flour I don’t care what kind of bag it’s in. It’s been almost impossible to find."

The company responded to one comment to say, "Please know that we are working with our retail and distribution partners to ensure that we are getting our product out and on the shelves as soon as possible ... Keep an eye out at your local retailer for new stock in the coming weeks."

[rebelmouse-image 25978495 photo_credit="Robin Hood Baking Family | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="698x186"]

[rebelmouse-image 25978496 photo_credit="Robin Hood Baking Family | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="690x188"]

[rebelmouse-image 25978497 photo_credit="Robin Hood Baking Family | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="690x952"]

Ray Hancart of Smucker Foods of Canada, which owns the Robin Hood brand, explained, "We have noticed an upswing.”

He told CBC News, “Particularly at the outset, when people were stocking up on products they felt they would need around the house, [but] we are still seeing elevated numbers."

While the company is currently managing to sustain the demand for flour, it’s the packing that’s become harder to get hold of.

The switch from the brand's traditional yellow packing to white and brown bags is simply to “make sure we could replenish quickly," Hancart added.

The new packaging is expected to be distributed mainly in Western Canada for the time being.

If you’re desperately trying to get your hands on some baking goods, keep your eyes peeled for this new black and white packaging!

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