Sometimes, you just need something to brighten up your day. Bringing some color into your house can definitely do just that. Perhaps the best way to add a splash of color is with some this super cute flower farm in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

If you're looking for some of the prettiest floral arrangements around, you may want to check out Joli Jardin Flower Farm & Flower Truck, which is located in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. This place offers stunning arrangements that are perfect for special occasions or just everyday life.

This is a small, private farm that's still growing, so it's not always able to accomodate visitors. However, it hosts events throughout the year.

Check back in to see if new events have been added, because you never know when something's going on. Right now, the next event is scheduled for July 11.

However, you can also try to catch the flower truck as well. This truck is called the Blumenwagen, and you might see it at pop-up events around the Chattanooga area.

It's also possible to rent the truck for an event, private party or even a photo shoot. If you're looking for something super special at an event you're throwing, this could definitely bring a cute and summery vibe to the party.

During certain times of year, you can put in orders for flowers and pick them up yourself. This place also sells other products such as herbs and hand balms.

In addition, you can buy organic hemp here too. There are two different strains available, and they are tested for best quality so you know it's the good stuff. Since they sell the product in small quantities, it tends to be very fresh.

It's important to get some bright colors and fresh smells into your life. Luckily, a fresh bouquet of flowers is never far away, especially when you can stop on by. 

Joli Jardin Flower Farm & Flower Truck

Price: Free

Address: 280 Walden Farms, Signal Mountain, TN 

Why You Need To Go: You can find gorgeous bouquets for springtime vibes at this flower farm and truck.