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Public Health Officials Are Preparing For An Extra Nasty Flu Season In Ontario This Year

Ontario's Health Ministry has already ordered 300,000 more high-dose vaccines.

Public health officials are warning of a rough flu season in Ontario this year. According to a report by City News, Health Minister Christine Elliot revealed on Monday that officials have been keeping a close eye on Australia. Australia is experiencing an unusually severe flu season with hundreds of deaths linked to the virus, an indicator of what might occur in Canada.

Officials believe that what is happening in Australia could soon occur in Canada and are warning Ontarians to prepare for a “very difficult flu season.” According to The Toronto Sun, the health ministry has already ordered 300,000 more high-dose flu vaccines for this year compared to 2018.

The high-dose vaccines have four times the number of antigens than the regular vaccine and are typically given to more vulnerable people, such as seniors. Elliot also noted that the vaccine proved to be effective in 2018.

The provincial government will also launch a vaccine education campaign, which will encourage people to ignore the voices of anti-vaxxers.

“We want to get rid of those myths and encourage people to get the shot,” Elliot said according to The Sun.

“The province is also developing a plan to provide care in hospitals, in community settings and in the homes of those who come down with the flu,” she continued.

The minister made her comments after being questioned about the difficulties involved in ending hallway medicine. Premier Doug Ford controversially suggested last week that the issue could be fixed within the year.