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This Hungarian Thai Hybrid Restaurant In Toronto Will Blow Your Mind

The best of both worlds, (literally).

Hybrid restaurants are super trendy right now. We're super into mixing cultures to make mouthwatering dishes. More culture = more flavour, and we're ALL here for it. Have you ever tried Hungarian Thai food before?

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If you're interested in expanding your taste buds and getting the best of both flavours, you HAVE to try this Hungarian Thai restaurant. Hungary Thai, (100 points for this killer name) is located in the heart of Kensington Market. 

They've got killer dishes from both cultures including: pad thai, green curry, brassoi and chicken paprikash. 

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Want to try both at once? Their Thai and Hungarian combo comes with: spring rolls, cabbage rolls, schnitzel and pad-thai. All that for $40! Bring friends and indulge!!

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Check out Hungary Thai at 196 Augusta Ave today!

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