This Vancouver Ice Bar Has The Coldest Tasting Room In the World And An Unreal Vodka Menu

Truly Canadian, am I right?

Created for the daring, those not faint of heart, those who wish to brave freezing temperatures - and those who somehow enjoy the taste of straight vodka - this one's for you. 

Canada is home to the coldest tasting room in the world. Found in none other, than the world-famous Whistler, British Columbia, the Ketel One Ice Room at the Bearfoot Bistro is open year-round at a freezing minus 32 degrees Celsius. 

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The temperature, according to the Bistro, is the optimal environment for drinking the complex spirit. Visitors are welcomed to a one-of-a-kind experience, with premier spirits hailing from Sweden, Poland, France, Russia, New Zealand and of course, Canada. 

All winter long, Bearfoot Bistro will be offering 35% off on a vodka tasting as an Apres-Ski special. Already boasting world-class skiing, this famous ice room is just another reason to visit Whistler before Winter ends.

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