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 For Sale In Amherst Nova Scotia: 6 Mini-Mansions For Under $500,000 (PHOTOS)

While moving is probably far from anyone's minds right now, it's fun to think about staying home at a nice, spacious house. While real estate still isn't cheap in Canada, houses for sale in Amherst, Nova Scotia are surprisingly inexpensive. It's one town where you also get a lot of bang for your buck.

Located about a 2-hour drive north of Halifax, Amherst sits right by the Bay of Fundy and has a population of just under 10,000 people.

While it can't offer the kinds of ocean views that interested buyers could find elsewhere in Nova Scotia, Amherst does have plenty of history, not to mention a quiet peacefulness to it.

"It is old fashioned here, people don’t lock their doors," Amherst resident Cathy LeBlanc told the National Post in 2019, "and if you moved to Amherst tomorrow every neighbour in the area would show up at your door with something to eat."

Along with the neighbourly kindness, Amherst also happens to have some absolutely beautiful homes available for sale, and you'd be paying less than half a million dollars to live in them.

We're taking a look at some of the breathtaking (and relatively inexpensive) homes that are on the market in this humble east coast town.

171 Victoria Street East

[image 5e97594752e63154deae8d00]

[image 5e97594c32f20754b1bc6055]

Price: $439,900

Description: This lovely old-style home blends classic touches with modern appliances. At 3272 square feet, there's plenty of room to move around and make yourself at home. Nothing says "stay inside, stay cozy" like a gas fireplace, right?

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200 Victoria Street East

[image 5e975a3d52e63154deae8d24]

[image 5e975a4732f20754b1bc607e]

Price: $419,900

Description: Located just down the street from the previous home, this lovely house shows off a splash of colour with its bright, red door. Classic architectural flourishes adorn the 4798 square feet of living space. With five bedrooms and two full baths, you can get whatever you need from this house.

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27 Biggs Drive

[image 5e975acc32f20754b1bc608d]

[image 5e975ae6980f98547e45e3ec]

Price: $389,900

Description: With this house, you're getting a large family home for practically a third of what you might pay for something smaller in Toronto or Vancouver. This four-bedroom bungalow provides 3,657 square feet of space, but it's the cozy basement complete with bar, pool table, and fireplace that really sells it.

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40 Duckling Dell

[image 5e975c1f52e63154deae8d5d]

[image 5e975c2552e63154deae8d5f]

Price: $359,900

Description: If you're into an open concept home, this is the right house for you. A huge living room and spacious kitchen are accompanied by a wood stove and spacious yards. Having 2760 square feet of interior space isn't bad either.

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18 Birchwood Place

[image 5e975d7432f20754b1bc60f7]

[image 5e975d7832f20754b1bc60fb]

Price: $349,900

Description: Opulence, privacy, and a huge lot are all included with this luxurious 2540 square foot home. A large kitchen, beautiful master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, and a giant unfinished basement providing plenty of opportunity for revamping just make it even better.

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38 Rupert Street

[image 5e975ede980f98547e45e475]

[image 5e975ee4980f98547e45e478]

Price: $249,900

Description: This five-bedroom home has plenty of character, and even a lovely alcove perfect for curling up in the sun with a good book. With the opportunity to be converted into a duplex, this 3192 square foot house could even provide extra income.

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When these huge homes cost way less than a small condo in the city it's easy to dream about packing up and moving away. But if your dreams are even more luxurious Nova Scotia has some pricier properties too.

In another town, just outside of Halifax you can listings like a $1.9 million mansion with its own private, sandy beach.

Just goes to show, there really is something for everyone out there.

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