Doug Ford To Change New Licence Plate To "A Place To Grow" And Ontarians Are Hating It

Ontarians aren't happy with the new changes that Ford has started to make of driver's licenses.
Ontario Editor
Doug Ford To Change New Licence Plate To "A Place To Grow" And Ontarians Are Hating It

Doug Ford's government has been making quite a few changes these past few months, and a lot of Ontarians have been talking about it. In the latest announcement, CBC has reported that the government will officially announce on Thursday that "A Place to Grow" will be the new slogan on the licence plates for Ontario drivers and Ontarians are hating it. Since the announcement has been made, many fellow Ontarians have taken to social media to talk about how they feel about the changes, and they aren't giving the most positive feedback. 

While the news that Ford has been considering "Open for Business" as the new slogan for commerical license plates has been circulating for a while, this new change for recreational and personal vehicles has taken Ontarians by suprise. 

"A Place to Grow" was taken from the 1967 song "A Place to Stand" which was the 'unoffical anthem' of Ontario since it was showcased at Expo 67. Something that many Ontarians are starting to find outdated. 

While the slogan will not be offically confirmed until Thursday, Ontarians already have a lot to say about it. When announced, this new slogan will be on the licesnse plates of non-commercial cars throughout Ontario. 

One of the main concerns that Ontarios seem to have is "A Place to Grow" sounds like it has too much of a connection with the new legalization of cannabis. Something that Ontarians feel shouldn't be connected to Ontario's license plates.

While of course, other Ontarians just aren't ready for the change. "Yours to Discover" has been seen on cars throughout the province for decades. Some Ontarians even took the opprutunity to make a jab at the current education cuts. 

The official announcement is due to be released on Thursday. It is not known yet when the new license plate slogan will officially come into effect. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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