It's time to trade your sandals for boots because fall is officially here! While the actual first day of fall isn't until September 22nd, the season has decided to show up a couple of days early across Canada. 

So whether you live in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, or St. John's it's time to break out your winter wardrobe because sweater weather is officially here. 

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If you're like me and your fall wardrobe is much better than your summer one, you'll be excited to know that for the next little while in Canada, you'll be needing a sweater. 

According to forecasts across the country, every province will experience temperatures below 20°C for the next two weeks at least. But, some places are getting colder weather than others, with frost warnings in effect!

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In Calgary, Alberta it looks like they have skipped right over fall and jumped into winter. Their temperature today is sitting at a frigid 2°C - they've also been having overnight lows that are literally freezing, with temps dipping below zero. 

It's a pretty similar forecast on the other side of the country, too. In Newfoundland, the temperature is slightly warmer than Calgary, closer to 10°C. But, Environment Canada has issued a special frost advisory in parts of Newfoundland, warning that frost is on the way, thanks to the colder temperatures. 

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The coldest spot in Canada right now is Yohin, Northwest Territories where the weather is a chilly -11.6°C. The warmest spot is Point Pelee, Ontario where it is 20.9°C.