If you haven't binged the second season of You since its release on December 26, what exactly are you waiting for!? The only reasonable answer is that you're busy binging season one, and if that's the case, then we forgive you. For those of you that are caught up, you've had the pleasure of meeting the newest character additions to the series in You Season 2, such as Forty Quinn and Delilah Alves, who, in real life, are soulmates! 

Spoilers ahead. 

It's always a shock when two characters who share very little time together on-screen are actually super close in real life.

Especially when they're from a TV show like You, where the characters are either related to each other, hooking up with one another, or plotting the other's murder.

You're either seriously lost right now or nodding vigorously in agreement. 

Delilah and Forty are two of the newest characters from this season, and two of our favorites, so to see them sharing cute photos together on Instagram is a dream come true!

In this photo that Carmela Zumbado (Delilah) posted to her Instagram, you can see her and James Scully (Forty) laying on a blanket looking happy as ever. She captioned the photo "work friends" with plenty of heart and sparkle emojis.

But it's what was in the comments of the photo that really grabbed our attention. 

Scully commented "WORK FRIENDS? How about SOUL MATES!? HOW ABOUT THAT?" and it already has 180 likes.

This isn't Zumbado's only post with Scully in it, she's shared several!

Above, you can see the pair goofing off while doing press for You, with a special appearance by Love Quinn, Scully's on-screen twin sister.

It seems like they really do treasure the time they get to be together involving You.

Scully is a born and raised Texan, growing up and graduating from high school in San Antonio. His youthful Texas charm is clear to see in his fun and handsome IG pics.

And he isn't the only You star who is from the great Lone Star state, with actress Elizabeth Lail, who plays Guinevere Beck in the series, having been born and brought up in Williamson County, Texas.

Whether Scully and Zumbado are just being sweet and joking around or if they have an actual secret romantic connection is still up in the air, but unfortunately, their socials are going to be the only way to keep up with the two.

We won't be seeing the actors as Forty and Delilah anymore, aside from maybe some flashbacks, thanks to Delilah's pesky cop friend and Forty's twin sister.

We can't wait to see what other roles they play though, hopefully in the same projects!

For now, they'll remain a match made in heaven.

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