You've probably heard rumors about the Megalodon, the enormous species of shark that went extinct millions of years ago. They've been described as a "school bus with teeth," but it's hard to imagine a creature that massive lurking underneath the ocean's water. If you've had any doubt whether or not these creatures existed, you'll unearth the truth on one Georgia island. You can literally go fossil hunting on the Georgia coast and find fossils from the world's largest predator.

Over 2 million years ago, megalodons roamed the waters of South Georgia. Great White Sharks have nothing on these bad boyss; the Great White is 20 feet and the Megalodon is reported to have been over 60 feet long.

Their huge fossils have stuck around, however. and you can take them home as prized souvenirs if you book a tour with Sundial Charter Tours

This tour company will take you down the Savannah River to Shark Tooth Island. You'll embark on a four-hour tour aboard a private charter to sandy beaches with hidden treasures underneath. You won't be left on your own, of course. A captain and guide will lead you to the best spots that are abundant in fossils. 

The easiest finds are teeth. Whether you find a megalodon tooth as big as your hand, or teeth from smaller shark species, you're guaranteed to walk away with something remarkable. 

If you're down for the adventure, it's best to book the tour with at least five other people. The base price is $440, and each additional adult after that is $25. Pro tip: It's technically more cost-efficient the more people you have in your party. 

There's plenty of other tours to take on once you conquer fossil hunting. You can explore the wonders of Tybee Island (and spend the night there too), dolphin watch, fish, catch the sunrise from the stern and more. 

If you're looking to channel your inner beach bum at some other sandy spots, Cumberland Island and Ossabaw Island are calling your name. 

Fossil Hunting with Sundial Charters 

Price: $440 (for 6+ people)

Address: 615 Chatham Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328

Why You Need To Go: After this tour, you'll be able to take an iconic piece of history home with you.