If you're not a Mean Girls fan, I definitely don't want to be your friend because Mean Girls is literally the best and everyone here knows it! Mean Girls is an iconic movie that brings all of our early teenage years, high school issues and boy drama into one hilarious film. 

High school is a time that's full of catty girls, stereotypical cliques and navigating the world of boys and crushes and Mean Girls sums it up perfectly. That's why this movie will always rule as the best coming of age film ever created! If you want to throwback to when this movie first came out in 2004, head to a Cineplex VIP theatre near you this Wednesday, October 3rd. 

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You know what makes this event even better? The fact that October 3rd falls on a Wednesday this year, which means everyone reading this better show up to the theatre wearing pink or you can't sit with us! 

Cineplex VIP theatres are screening the movie at 7pm this Wednesday, October 3rd and tickets cost just $19.99 each. Once you're at the movie you can sit back and relax in roomy, plush chairs, order a glass of wine and something to munch on from their huge menu filled with appetizers, meals and desserts! They also have a full concession with all your movie-going favourites like popcorn, soda and candies! 

These types of screenings always sell out super quickly and given that this one is offering a single showtime on one day this month, you should definitely buy your tickets ASAP! 

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Check out their website to find a theatre near you and buy your tickets! 

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