If you were hoping to pick up some booze in Quebec today you may be out of luck. SAQ employees at over 400 locations have walked off the job today in the first day of strikes. 

The union voted recently to take six days of strike action, although not all at the same time. 

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SAQ workers are negotiating with their employers for better contracts. At the heart of their issues are weekend scheduling, part-time work, and seniority. 

In order to encourage management to reach a reasonable arrangement sooner, 5500 union members voted to take six days of strike action with 91% of them in favour of the strike. 

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The good news is that while they may take six days of strike action, it won't all be consecutively. The union voted to spread out the strike days and take them when they believe it is strategically most beneficial to them. It is not clear however when these times will be. 

The strike began at 10 A.M. this morning when employees at 404 branches of the SAQ walked off the job, causing closures across the province. According to an SAQ representative, 60 of the stores will re-open at noon today under the operation of the managers. 

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The employees have been negotiating with the SAQ for a new and improved contract for over a year now.


Source: CBC, Narcity Quebec 

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