Almost a full year ago, an amber alert was issued for 10-year-old Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou after he went missing from Athuntis-Cartierville, Quebec. He was last seen walking to a friend's house when he went missing on March 12th, 2018 and was never seen again. As Kouakou's disappearance remains a mystery, Montreal Police are ramping up their efforts to find him. 

Surveillance cameras captured Ariel walking into a park near the Riviere des Prairies, but he was never seen leaving. Due to Ariel's shy demeanour, his parents believe that he would never leave with another stranger and that an abduction would be a likely scenario. 

When Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou went missing last year, a variety of measures were put in place in attempts to locate the boy. An amber alert was issued and hundreds of volunteers gathered together to assist the police in their search. 

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Kouakou's family also announced that they would offer $10,000 to anyone who had information regarding his whereabouts. A famous boxer from Montreal, Adonis Stevenson, also donated $15,000 to the case, yet nothing was found. 

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Now, a year after Kouakou went missing, Montreal Police are still hoping to find an answer for what happened to this 10-year-old boy. New efforts will be launched throughout the week in hopes of finding Ariel. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday,  the Montreal Transit Corp will aid in the search by displaying photos of Kouakou on the electronic screens in all of their subway systems.  

A photo of Kouakou will also be appearing on the CIBC's billing envelopes for the entire month in May, in hopes that someone will be able to recognize the boy and help locate him.

The public will also be joining Ariel's family on Tuesday at Saint-Joseph-de-Bordeaux church near the park where he was last seen. This mass will be held in order to celebrate Kouakou. 

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Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call Info-Crime at (514) 393-1133. 

Source: City News

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