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When cuffing season comes around all the singles rejoice! It's a time to finally prepare yourself for possible commitment and get over your summer hoe phase!

But in reality, is cuffing season really effective, or is it just largely romanticized. For singletons, even cuffing season doesn't bear opportunity to ask your cute crush out and live out a fall romance straight out of the movies. So here are some of the expectations we normally have of cuffing season versus what actually goes down!

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1. The Encounter

Expectation: Bumping into a guy with dreamy eyes at the bookstore.

Reality: Swiping on Tinder for three days to only find one match.

You see it in the movies all the time. A girl pulls a book from the shelf and a dreamy guy reaches for the book at the same time. He then looks into your eyes and says "oh so you're into Shakespeare too?" You modestly blush and bat your eyes and then both confess that Twelfth Night is your favourite play.

He ends up buying the book for you and smoothly writes his number on the first page of it. Fast forward to a week later, you spend your Saturday mornings waking up in his apartment followed by walking your dogs together. But in the age of social media and the convenience of apps like Tinder, the closest it can get to that is swiping right on each other at the same time.

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2. The First Meeting

Expectation: Meeting in a cute romantic setting.

Reality: Meeting at a club or grimy bar.

One of the best things about the Fall is the romantic vibe of the season. There's parks with colourful leaves, cute coffee shops and thanksgiving parties all of which seem to make way for the perfect setting to spark a connection with someone. Like i'm sure you've fantasized about it as well. Walking in the park on a windy fall day, and then your scarf blows away.

Then it just happens to fall into the hands of a handsome hunk who proceeds to wrap it back into your neck as the colourful leaves blow in the background. Well picture this instead. You show up half-drunk to a dive bar down the road after finishing a bottle of wine at home, and then locks eyes with the first guy that agrees to buy you a drink. While this is not too bad of a meeting, it's not romantic and definitely not what you had in mind. This basically means that going to the sleazy club or bar down the road gives you better odds of meeting a boo to cuff.

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3. The First Date

Expectation: An actual first date with a romantic dinner.

Reality: A box of pizza and first base.

Cuffing season provides many cute date ideas including apple picking or visiting a craft brewery, and many of these date ideas make for adorable pictures. Imagine posing with pumpkins with your potential boo, or enjoying the first snowfall on a bench with hot chocolate. Date ideas during cuffing season are just extra cute because they usually involve something cozy.

But if cozy and lazy are both in you or your potential cuff's vocabulary, then you might end up taking the easy way out. Nothing special, just an extra large pizza with a bottle of cheap wine followed by a steamy make-out session to make up for the loss in coziness. It's so much easier that spending time out in the cold Autumn air, but the one thing it surely lacks is classy vibe you had hoped for.

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4. The Guy

Expectation: Cute and preppy guy who works at the bank and shows up with flowers.

Reality: The fvckboy in the Supreme boxers and Zayn Malik-esque hair. 

Let's be real. Whether it's cuffing season or not, the good guys will always be taken. Cuffing season for the guy you've had a crush on for years goes like this. During the summer he finally breaks up with his girlfriend of four years only to fool around, and once September hits he patches up with his ex-girlfriend leaving you with slimmest possible chance of sliding into the DMs.

Like seriously? So then you decide that you're going to cuff someone anyways, and who better to cuff than someone who is always available to cuff? A fvckboy of course! Thw thing about cuffing season is that it succeeds in disguising these wolves in sheep's clothing, making these douchie dirtbags look like some of the sweetest guys on the planet. They totally know you're vunerable during this season and fvckboys love using cuffing season as a ploy to pull you in. Don't fall for the trap!

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5. The Feels

Expectation: Actually developing feelings for the person.

Reality: Only in it for the one night stand.

You know the cuffing season magic has hit you when you begin catching feels. And we fantasize about it through a series of romantic ideas that look like they're straight out of those romance novels. Confessing your love in the fall seems like such a beautiful thing with there being so much opportunity for cute ways to make it official.

But due to the fact that you're only seeing the person you're with now to feel inclusive during cuffing season, we both know deep down you're in it for one thing! And even though that still makes it winning situation, it brings you back to square one and amounts to nothing more than what you did during your summer hoeing phase. 

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6. The Choices

Expectation: Having numerous choices if one doesn't work out.

Reality: No back-up bae to cuff. It's all or nothing.

The choices during cuffing season should be promising, given that it's common time for people to start looking for a potential boo thang. It isn't called cuffing season for no reason. Everyone that's single knows about it and wants to be a part of the action. Cuffing season takes people off the market at a fairly fast rate, so the options largely decrease as you get deeper into the season. 

However, with most people finding the right one to cuff in the first week of the season, about 80% of your options are lost. There is not plenty of fish in the cuffing sea. One of the best options you have is to go back into your phone contacts and look for the numbers you collected during the summer, and cross your fingers as you text each and every one of them in hopes of creating variety. 

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7. The Intimacy

Expectation: Awesome sex because it's been a while.

Reality: Cuddles with your favourite stuffed animal.

One of the best parts of cuffing someone during the fall is that one on one intimacy you get. It's definitely a way to get the fire burning ahead of the winter months. Summer sex is normally quick and filled with a series of flings, so when the Fall hits, the desire to find one good partner to stick with seems more appropriate. Honestly, no one would rather do the walk of shame on a cold November morning as opposed to a quiet summer morning where you could slip out of your fling's house even if your forgot your bra. 

But since many of us don't even make it that far during cuffing season, we are left being content with cuddling our pets or Pokémon plush characters. Charmander is a good option for keeping warm in bed, while if you're looking for a classic man you can opt for a Mickey Mouse plush. There's even Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer if you're feeling festive!