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11 People Have Died In Quebec As A Result The Extreme Heatwave Happening In Eastern Canada Right Now

It's hot outside and has been since Saturday. Eastern Canada is in the middle of a terrible heat wave and Quebec is taking the worst of it. 

Yesterday it was reported that six people in Montreal had tragically died due to the heat and that number has now risen to 15 people, 11 of them in Montreal. 

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As of this morning, health officials had reported the five additional heat-related deaths in Montreal, bringing the city's total count to 11 while officials in Quebec's Eastern Townships reported an additional four deaths. 

Of those four deaths, one was an elderly man and the other three were people who suffered from chronic illnesses. 

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The heat is suspected to last until Friday and major cities like Montreal and Toronto are working to put plans in place to protect their residents, especially vulnerable people like the elderly or sick. 

In Montreal, fire-fighters are going door to door to over 5000 homes to check on the most at-risk populations. Meanwhile, in Toronto, the city has extended pool hours and provided TTC tokens to homeless people to get to cool spaces. Both cities have also opened up cooling centers to provide air conditioning and cool drinks. 

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The deadliest heat-wave in Canadian history was way back in 1936 when two weeks of 40+ temperatures were responsible for 1,180 deaths across the country. 

Source: The Globe and Mail

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