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"Orbiting" Is The Terrible New Dating Trend And It's Worse Than "Ghosting"

In the dating age of 2018, it seems that most of our relationships not only arise from, but also depend on social media to survive and thrive. You expect your significant other to double tap your photos, tag you in memes, post cute photos of you together, etc.

But what about after the breakup? We've all heard of "ghosting", when the person you're talking to totally falls off the face of the earth, ignores all your messages, and acts as if you don't exist. It hurts like hell and definitely leaves you questioning your self-worth.

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What sometimes hurts more, though, is what people are now referring to as "orbiting". This is when someone essentially ghosts you, but continues to check up on you in the most passive ways possible. They're always liking your newest IG posts, and keeping up with your Snapchat stories, and you have to admit, seeing their name pop up on your screen drives you totally nuts.

According to Man Repeller, there are three main reasons for why one may choose to orbit someone. Firstly, it could be a "power move" to keep you on friendly terms while putting in minimal effort to actually remain a part of your life.

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Secondly, they simply have no idea that you're able to see that they viewed your story. In my opinion this is highly unlikely, unless the person who orbited you lives under a rock. Third and finally, this person wants to stay connected in case they plan on reaching out to you at a later date.

Any of this starting to sound familiar? In this day and age, it's almost impossible to not be guilty of orbiting someone else. You may accidentally watch their Snapchat stories, or double tap their IG posts out of habit, which seems totally innocent, but can be seriously affecting another person.

If you know the person you ghosted couldn't care less whether you're keeping tabs, then go ahead and orbit away! But if you know that person is driving themselves crazy thinking about why you haven't texted them after watching their story or liking their photos, it may be time to just cut all ties and hit that unfollow button.

Source: Elite Daily