This New Movie On Netflix Canada Is Like A Better Version Of “Shutter Island”

It's another addition to "Netflix and Chills!"
This New Movie On Netflix Canada Is Like A Better Version Of “Shutter Island”

You know those mind-numbing, exhilarating movie trailers, that give you chills and have you counting down the days until the premiere date? Netflix just released one of those trailers and we can't wait. It's for a new psychological thriller and because it is a Netflix Original, you can try to unravel the mystery from the comfort of your own couch. Not to mention saving 20 dollars by not having to buy a movie ticket is always great too. The new movie on Netflix Canada is called Fractured and is being compared to Shutter Island.

Fractured follows the Monroe family driving home from a recent holiday weekend. When they pull over to rest, the ride home takes a turn for the worst when their young daughter, Peri, is accidentally hurt and needs medical attention. At the hospital, Peri's father, Ray, is separated from his daughter and wife Joane when they're whisked away for more testing. After hours of waiting, Ray asks about his daughter but the hospital has no record of Peri, and the doctor who was providing treatment doesn't remember the Monroes at all.

The good news? We only have to wait 21 days. The bad news? We have to wait 21 days. 

Fractured was written by Alan McElroy and stars Lily Rabe, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Adjoa Andoh. It'll begin streaming as part of Netflix's "Netflix and Chills" campaign this October alongside movies like Stephen King's In the Tall Grass

Considering how much happens in the two-minute trailer, it's amazing to think that this movie will actually be able to wrap up within its run time of two hours. With this addition to the "Netflix and Chills" category, it looks like Netflix is trying to be inclusive with genres for their Halloween picks. For those who aren't into horror and gore like their new series Marianne, but still want the thrill of the unknown, Fractured will be perfect for you!

Fractured hits the streaming service on October 11.