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Netflix’s New Thriller Is So Good It’s Leaving Viewers On The Edge Of Their Seats

"Fractured" premiered on Netflix on October 11.
"Fractured" On Netflix Canada

As far as movie genres go, every person has their favourites. Some people love the weepy, emotional "chick flicks", some love to sing along to musicals, and others still love to be scared out of their mind while watching horror movies. Whatever your preference is, there's a just about endless selection of films out there for you to enjoy, and even more coming to you on an almost daily basis. If thriller movies are your thing, then Netflix just so happens to have a new one for you that you'll want to watch ASAP. Fractured on Netflix Canada will keep you on the edge of your seat.

On October 11, Netflix released a film called Fractured. The movie is about a man named Ray (played by Sam Worthington), who just spent Thanksgiving weekend with his inlaws and is now headed home with his wife Joanne (Lily Rabe), and his daughter, Peri (Lucy Capri). As many people do during road trips, the family pulls up at a rest stop, but it's not long before Peri winds up getting seriously injured.

Ray and Joanne rush their daughter to the nearest hospital, and upon arrival, Peri and Joanne head off for further testing, leaving Ray to anxiously wait for good news from the doctors.

After waiting for what feels like an eternity, Ray begins to panic when he hasn't yet heard anything. He confronts multiple hospital staff members, begging them to take him to his family. According to the hospital staff, however, Joanne and Peri were never even at this hospital.

Ray quickly comes to the conclusion that the hospital is behind this, and that they're trying to mess with his head. If you want to see what happens to Ray and his family, you'll want to watch this film ASAP.

Fractured is just one of the many scary films that Netflix released this Halloween season as part of its "Netflix & Chills" series. Other scary movies that you need to check out this month include EliIn the Tall Grass, and Rattlesnake.

You can check out the thrilling trailer for Fractured below.

If you're not a fan of thrillers and prefer something on the milder side, you'll be happy to hear Netflix is releasing some new original Christmas flicks this year. 

Let It Snow will be available on Netflix this November. Last year, Vanessa Hudgen's starred in Netflix's The Princess Switch. This year, Hudgens is starring in another Christmas movie, The Knight Before Christmas, which was filmed in Ontario, Canada

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