Francesca Farago's Net Worth Is Made Up Of More Than Her Time On 'Too Hot To Handle'

She does so much!
Francesca Farago's Net Worth Is Made Up Of More Than Her Time On 'Too Hot To Handle'

With a new hit reality show comes a new Canadian star. Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle premiered on April 17 and has already taken the reality TV world by storm. While people might assume that fan favourite contestant Francesca Farago’s net worth is due to the series popularity, the 26-year-old actually runs a ton of successful side hustles.

If you’ve yet to dip your toes into the island paradise that Too Hot To Handle takes place on, the series follows a group of single adults looking for love. They’re secluded on a villa where they have to refrain from physical touching in order to win $100,000.

While Farago might have jeopardized the competition jackpot, she had plenty of riches waiting for her at home. As of 2019, Gossip Crux and Walikali estimate her net worth to reportedly be about $709,000 CDN.

There’s no doubt that Too Hot To Handle and her relationship with fellow contestant Harry Jowsey has brought the Vancouver native fame. However, she actually started with an already huge following.

During her time on the series, she wasn’t afraid to flaunt her 312K Instagram following. She also didn’t shy away from discussing the money she made using her social media presence, claiming she could make thousands of dollars off of one post.

Farago, apart from the series, is a travel influencer. Her Instagram photos are often paid partnerships with Fashion Nova or are captioned with shoutouts to brands she represents.

The influencer has launched her very own ethical clothing line called Farago The Label. The website currently lists swimsuits for both men and women available for pre-sale.

She also promotes her own merch line on Instagram that sells clothing featuring her name and face for fans who feel like repping her brand.

Since the taping of the show, Farago has gone on to more than double her Instagram following and even recently hit 1 million followers.

Her role on Too Hot To Handle isn’t the influencer’s first brush with fame. She reportedly dated internationally known DJ Diplo with rumours circulating that she even got his name tattooed in her mouth.

With her social media count on the rise and her clothing brand just recently launching, there’s no telling how much her net worth could increase over time.