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Lately, it seems like most online shops now offer monthly subscriptions: boxes full of items to satisfy our interests in clothing, cosmetics, books, tech gadgets, etc. But when it came to fashion, one of them⁠ — Style Plan by Frank And Oak ⁠— caught my attention.

This Canadian brand offers men's and women's clothing with classic styles yet modern cuts, perfect for everyday life. They're also proudly committed to using eco-friendly materials. Getting VIP stylist treatment and respecting the environment at the same time? Frank And Oak was definitely the perfect brand to test this kind of tailor-made service. So, I went ahead and subscribed to their monthly Style Plan box.

The idea is simple. Frank And Oak provides a monthly selection of clothing picked from their current collection. Chosen by the brand's stylists with the help of AI, this box allows you to try on items that suit your taste in the comfort of your home without having to waste an afternoon at the mall. In addition to saving you tons of time, this subscription offers up to 20% off those selected pieces plus free shipping and returns. You can even use this discount on any online or in-store purchases!

Frank And Oak 01590-MOD, NarCan

While signing up, you'll be asked a few questions about your expectations, favourite styles, budget and, of course, measurements. When it comes to fashion, I tend to be a bit picky. I'm a huge fan of the British Mod style, but I also like a casual look. So, finding the right outfit can take a while. This questionnaire, without being too long, allowed me to clearly express my preferences.

About a day later, I got a preview of what Frank And Oak's stylists and AI suggested would work for me. You can always approve or make changes to them. If you decide to switch up your box, no worries! Your stylist will have already put together a few other suggestions that match your preferences in terms of style and colours, so you can easily replace any piece of your original outfit. If you love everything from the get-go, you can just skip this step. If you don't confirm or modify your pieces, they'll automatically deliver the original suggestions to you 48 hours later (72 hours after your subscription).

Benjamin Martinez, Frank And Oak, 01590-MOD, NarQC

Once your Style Plan box has been confirmed, all you have to do is wait for it to be delivered to you (which only took three days for me). You have up to seven days to try your items on at home and return what you don't like. You'll only pay for the ones that you keep! Every box you send has a $25 fee that's credited to the items you keep. It's as simple as that!

The first thing you'll notice is that Frank And Oak actually cares about each parcel they send out. The package is carefully prepared, with a little thank-you note inside; that's just part of Style Plan's VIP treatment. As for the quality and sizing of the merchandise, I was thrilled!

Item 1: Laurier 80's Pattern Shirt - White

Benjamin Martinez, Frank And Oak, 01590-MOD, NarQC

(Style Plan Price: $64.50 / Regular Price: $69.50)

I was so into this patterned shirt that could have easily been taken right out of Morrissey's closet. For a white shirt, the fabric was thick enough to not be see-through yet light enough to be worn all year round.

Item 2: Tyler Stretch Skinny Jeans - Black

(Style Plan Price: $74.50 / Regular Price: $79.50)

This is probably the piece that I was most skeptical about. I've been wearing the same brand of jeans for almost 15 years. Although it no longer exists, I still hadn't found a replacement that I liked. I have to say that Frank And Oak's Tyler Denim is a perfect fit, plus its stretch fabric makes it super comfortable.

Item 3: Cotton and Hemp Sweater - Green

Frank And Oak, 01590-MOD, NarCan

(Style Plan Price: $64.50 / Regular Price: $69.50)

To finish off the look, I chose a sweater that looks both beige and green. You can feel how high quality the material is just by touching this item. I've definitely gotten tons of use out of this stylish and cozy sweater, perfect for the winter.

Frank And Oak knew exactly what they were doing by putting together this stylish outfit for me. I definitely recommend you try their Style Plan. I actually liked their pieces so much that I've already ordered a new shirt while waiting to find out what next month's box will contain! As a member, I get up to 20% off the pieces I buy online or in-store, so it's really worth it.

Frank And Oak's Monthly Style Plan Box

Cost: Items range from $29 to $149. Get $25 off by using the code NARCITY25. As a member, you get up to 20% off online or in-store purchases!

Where: Click here to sign up.

Why You Need To Try It: Skip the hassle of shopping in crowded stores and score high-quality, stylish pieces in the comfort of your own home instead.

For more information and to sign up for Style Plan, visit the Frank And Oak website. You can also try out your own fully customized Style Plan box risk-free (the stylist fee is waived) with $25 off by using the code NARCITY25.