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Free Classes Online Include Learning From A Famous California Illustrator

With more time at home practicing social distancing, we're all looking for fun ways to keep ourselves entertained. From virtual museum tours around the world to cute animal videos, there's a ton of opportunities to explore. If you've been searching for free classes online, this San Francisco illustrator teaches you how to create beautiful drawings.

You'll be taught by Wendy MacNaughton, the artist for the famous Netflix cooking documentary, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Her new daily drawing class is for both kids and kids at heart, so anyone can join in on the fun.

Don't worry. You don't have to have previous experience to catch on quickly.

Plus, it's a great way to have a little fun while you're stuck indoors. You can even create a group Skype session with your friends and make a BFF hang out if you'd like.

Why not try your hand at sketching and see what you can do? You just might become the new Picasso of your home.

* Proudly hangs every picture on the fridge *

The class is held virtually on her Instagram, @wendymac.

If you're interested in joining, it starts daily on weekdays at 10 a.m. PST. If you can't make that time, it will also be live on her Instagram story for 24 hours.

According to Fast Company, she initially intended the course to be only five minutes long but ended up doing it for a 20-minute session.

TBH, this seems like a great way to decompress and develop a new skill.

If you're in the mood for more internet entertainment, you should also check out the Aquarium of the Pacific's live cam.

This Long Beach-based establishment lets you bring adorable marine life right into your living room. Who doesn't want to watch a 24-hour stream of penguins doing adorable things? 

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