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Your December MSP Bill Will Be Your Last One Ever

I've got 99 bills but MSP ain't one.

Living in B.C. can get expensive, but once in a while, the money gods smile down on us. We're used to paying our Medical Services Plan (MSP) bills by now, but that doesn't make the monthly charge hurt any less. Thankfully, December 2019 will be the last MSP bill we'll need to pay before we get to see free healthcare in B.C. This change will save you roughly $900 a year.

According to a statement from the Government of British Columbia, the death of MSP was one of the NDP’s campaign promises which they are now fulfilling.

It is estimated that individuals will be saving up to $900 yearly and families will be saving about double that at $1800.

“The cost of health care should not be a burden on people, but for too long, unfair MSP premiums made it hard to get ahead,” said Premier John Horgan.

The notice also advises anyone with autopay setup for their MSPs to cancel it at the end of December to ensure you aren’t paying come January. It looks like 2020 will be kicking off with one less bill to pay and we are definitely not mad about it.

Carole James, Minister of Finance, explained in the release that “with the complete elimination of MSP premiums, families have more money for themselves and to invest in B.C. businesses. This is good for British Columbians and good for B.C.’s resilient, sustainable economy.”

The release also outlines a few other measures that the government is taking to reduce the cost of living for B.C. residents.

These measures include more affordable childcare, eliminating interest on B.C. student loans, and adding 22,000 affordable homes.

Removing MSP bills may seem insignificant to some, but it could make a world of difference to others.

“For decades, people in our province had to pay unfair MSP premiums instead of using that money to buy food, help pay the rent or even put their child in after-school care,” said Carole James.

Forget about paying for health care in B.C., friends! This month's bill will be your last and you can strut into 2020 without a worry in the world. Except for your other bills and responsibilities, of course.

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