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6 Canadian Gyms That Are Offering Free Online Fitness Classes While They're Closed

Exercise is good for the body and mind.
6 Canadian Gyms That Are Offering Free Online Fitness Classes While They're Closed

One part of people's lives that's taken a major hit from social distancing is working out. Luckily, there are plenty of Canadian gyms offering free online fitness programs while their businesses are closed. That means getting a solid workout without leaving the house.

Right now, staying active is one of the harder things to do. While the advice of health officials is to get out and get some fresh air, people who love to take classes or hit the gym are out of luck.

The spread of COVID-19 through Canada has made it essential to shut down any businesses where the virus could easily spread. 

Provinces have also put bans on gatherings of more than 50 people, meaning that a gym or studio filled with active people is a total no-go.

There are plenty of ways that businesses have been working to keep providing services to their customers, including restaurants offering takeout and delivery.

Through social media, gyms and fitness centres have been offering instruction and workouts to anyone across the country, and there are a number of them that are doing this for free. You don't even have to have a membership to participate.

If you're the kind of person who is missing their routine or simply wants to stay in shape during this uncertain period, then checking out any of these free workouts would definitely be a good use of your time.

Planet Fitness

The famous chain of gyms may be closed right now, but they are still offering Canadians exercise programs through Facebook Live. You can check their page for times to tune in.

Movati Athletic

Movati Athletic has locations across Ontario, but Canadians everywhere can participate in their workouts on either Instagram or Facebook Live.

They post their daily schedule on Instagram one day in advance. They also post workout videos to their YouTube page.


This Toronto fitness centre will be holding free classes via Instagram live on March 20 and 21 at 10:00 a.m. local time. Some of their instructors are also offering guided workouts on their personal Instagram accounts.

The fitness sessions will stay available for 24 hours after they go live so you can always catch up.

Sweat and Tonic

Toronto's own Sweat and Tonic is offering multiple classes each day and posting schedules on their Instagram page. Like Barreworks, you can access them on your phone via Instagram Live, on Sweat and Tonic's story.

Loft Cycle Club

Loft Cycle Club has a variety of classes that you can participate in, from body weight training to meditation. They will have even more online sessions coming next week, all totally free.

Barre Body Studio

Finally, Barre Body Studio in Calgary is posting workout videos on their Facebook page, which you can access at any time. You can also follow along with scheduled classes on Facebook Live.

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