Whether you are a local or visitor, you probably want to stay away from the average tourists and popular attractions. There are plenty of these in Tennessee, you might just have to search a little harder to find them. One free thing to do in Memphis while you're here is see the 60-foot deep man-made crystal cave with rainbow walls. 

Crystal Shrine Grotto is better than a normal cave tour. This is the only man-made crystal cave in the entire world. It took Dionicio Rodriguez six years to dig this 60-foot cavern and to build all the quartz and crystal structures inside (it takes longer to get over an ex, so this guy was not messing around). 

This destination is located in the middle of Memorial Park Cemetery, which makes this spot even cooler, honestly. The entire theme of the cave is based on the Bible, Jesus and his followers. David Day came in and sculpted the people's structures that you can see inside the cave today. 

The grotto attracts over 100,000 people a year, according to the cemetery. You won't believe that this cave was handmade because the structures and the stalagmites look SO real. 

Even though this destination is inside a cemetery, you'll probably feel a sense of calm wash over you when you enter the cave. It's dimly lit with soft classical music playing throughout the structure. 

The story of Jesus' life on Earth is told as you journey through the crystal cave, but no matter what religion you are, you'll appreciate and enjoy the artwork throughout. 

Outside of the cavern is a meditation garden that is filled with a bridge, a pond, a wishing well and a few animal statues. If this does not calm you, well, good luck Charlie, because it doesn't get any more relaxing than this. 

All Lord of the Rings fans can appreciate the Abram's Oak that is in the garden as well. You can walk through this fake hollow tree to feel like you've stepped into some kind of temple. This destination is so cool and unique, you won't believe your eyes. 

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Crystal Shrine Grotto 

Price: Free

Address: 5668 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38119

Why You Need To Go: This memorial garden and man-made crystal cave are sites to see. They are both beautiful and will leave you speechless.