As millennials, we're used to buying cellphones under the guise that it's totally free. It’s an offer that’s been around forever. The phone is free upfront, and somewhere along the line, you inevitably end up paying it all back with hidden fees and charges. That’s usually how it goes, that is until Freedom Mobile decided to change the game.

Freedom Mobile is using a limited-time offer to give out free phones to Canadians. According to CTV News, the deal is an attempt to fight back against a recent change in pricing strategy by Canada’s three national wireless carriers.

So, how exactly does this deal work? The answer's simple. Customers who buy one of a selection of two-year service contracts from Freedom get a no-cost Samsung, LG, or Apple smartphone from a list which features quite a few options.

The iPhone XR, iPhone 8, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy s9, and the G8 ThinQ are just a few of the options being offered as part of the deal.

Freedom insists its “Absolute Zero” promotion is one-of-a-kind in Canada.

“While other carriers are bringing back the hated three-year contract in a ploy to raise phone prices, Freedom Mobile has once again rewritten the industry’s rules,” explained Paul McAleese, president of Wireless at Shaw Communications.

“Instead, for this year’s back-to-school promotion, Freedom Mobile is including a phone — on us — with every Big Gig Unlimited plan we sell. With Absolute Zero that means customers can get the premium branded phones they love and pay $0 upfront, $0 extra each month and $0 extra at the end of our standard two-year commitment.”

Freedom's main condition for getting one of two eligible Apple smartphone models, one of four Samsung models or an LG G8 ThinQ is to sign a new contract for a two-year Big Gig Unlimited plan during the promotion.

Right now, there appears to be no solidified end date for the promotion. "We have no information to share at this time regarding end date. Absolute $0 is available for a limited time only," Chethan Lakshman, Freedom's vice president of external affairs said to CTV News.