The ocean can be a terrifying and weird place filled with alien-like creatures. One of those creatures, a “fried egg” jellyfish, was spotted near the Sunshine Coast in BC. Good luck not thinking about this next time you’re in the ocean. 

Ocean Wise, a global not-for-profit organization aimed at educating about oceans, recently tweeted out a rather bizarre picture of what looks like a massive fried egg in the water. 

Apparently, this wasn’t someone's breakfast, but was actually a jellyfish. This jellyfish is called the phacellophora camtschatica, but it is better known as the "fried egg” or “egg yolk” jelly. 

According to the tweet, this sea creature was spotted off the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. By the looks of the picture, the jelly is huge! 

Appropriately named, this jelly really does look like a fried egg! With an incredibly vibrant yellow middle paired with white and almost clear edges, the jellyfish actually looks more like food than anything else.

But the definable characteristics aren’t the only cool things about this jellyfish. This particular jelly can have tentacles up to 20 feet long!

In the picture tweeted out by Ocean Wise, you can see dozens of these long tentacles trailing underneath the large jelly. Along with their long tentacles, they can also grow up to two feet in diameter.

But don’t worry, it’s rather harmless. The jelly mostly feeds on smaller jellyfish and other small creatures that get entangled in its tentacles. 

The image was also shared on a public Facebook page called Sunshine Coast BC Canada. Since the image was released to the Internet, there have been mixed reactions. A lot of people are giving this a big nope!

But others are finding this jellyfish rather interesting and are hoping to come across one on their own. 

If you find yourself near the ocean, be sure to keep an eye out. These egg-like aliens are usually found in areas with warmer water, particularly the Mediterranean Sea - but it has been spotted in BC on more than one occasion. A Youtube video posted on June 25, 2014, shows the jelly in Saanich.