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4 Of Canada's Major Cities Are Actually The Friendliest Places In The Country

Vancouver's at the top!
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4 Of Canada's Major Cities Are Actually The Friendliest Places In The Country

Canada is known across the world for being a pretty nice and friendly place but some towns and cities within the country are nicer than others, especially some major ones. The friendliest cities in Canada list has four major cities in the top five. Maybe bigger cities aren't really that rude.

Big 7 Travel, a recommendations provider, compiled a list of the 25 friendliest towns and cities in Canada by looking to its social media audience and asking "where would you find the friendliest cities in the world?"

Based on what people said about how easy a city is to navigate, if strangers help you find your way, if it's easy to make friends while out and about and more, these are Canada's friendliest cities.

The results might surprise you. 

Four major Canadian cities, Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal and Calgary, made the top five. Only one smaller town, Hunstville, Ontario, was able to make it in between the bigger cities.

Vancouver gets the top spot in all of Canada because of its friendly residents. 

According to Big 7 Travel, people in Canada's third most populated city are keen to make visitors feel welcome and safe. Locals are also quick to give tourists assistance.

But not everyone agrees that Vancouver is truly the friendliest place in the country.

One person even said, "Vancouver is decidedly one of the most pretentious and unfriendly places in Canada."

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from canada

After Vancouver is Halifax as the second friendliest city.

Nova Scotia's capital has the best of both worlds being a major city with that small-town vibe. It's in the top five because locals will welcome you with open arms.

Montreal is next because of its charm and multilingualism. 

According to Big 7 Travel, locals will welcome you in both French and English and are always ready to offer up recommendations and tips for having the most fun when there.

Huntsville, the only town to make it into the top five, is a popular summer destination with a homey atmosphere. There, locals are very welcoming to tourists which makes it very nice to visit and puts it in fourth place.

Rounding out the top five is Calgary.

The Albertan city has those major city vibes but isn't such a rushed place that locals won't be willing to help you out whether that means giving you recommendations or helping you dig your car out after a snowfall.

However, not all major cities are considered the most friendly.

Canada's capital, Ottawa, is only eighth on the list and Toronto is all the way down at the 24th spot.

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