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'Friends' May Be Leaving Netflix On January 1st, But Here Is Why We Shouldn't Believe That Rumour

January 1st, 2015: the day all of our lives changed. Friends got added to Netflix, and we could all watch the 6 friends over and over again until we had all the lines memorized. Wait, is that just me? Well, there has been a rumour going around that as of January 1st, Netflix will remove Friends from the streaming service. Did you gasp while reading that? 

'Friends' Leaving Netflix In 2020 Update

This is some awful news for us Friends fans. However, there have been a ton of rumours about this in the past 4 years. Every couple of years, the rumour pops up and we all freak out, and by January 1st, the iconic show is still on the website. I can assume it will be the same this time, and here is why we shouldn't believe those terrible, terrible rumours. 

Where is the proof? Well, as of right now, there is none. The rumour started because a fan of the show saw that on Netflix, under availability, it shows that the show is only available until (01/01/19) which is January 1st, 2019. While this is super scary for us obsessed Friends fans that watch it before bed every night, I want to show you something: 


Via Netflix


Via Netflix

Who else doesn't see where it says 'Availability'? It's possible that the website made a mistake and didn't mean to put that there, but it was not there as of 5 minutes ago. Also, if this was true, I'm sure Netflix would get a crazy amount of subscription cancellations (mine as well). 

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Another HUGE reason to not believe this rumour? Netflix hasn't announced it yet, or talked about it in any way, which would be very upsetting to their fans to not be given any warning. Netflix knows how much their viewers love the sitcom, and it definitely brings in a ton of money for the streaming service as well as royalties. Now, until Netflix actually announces the tragic news, I think we should all sleep perfectly fine at night. 

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