October means haunted houses, corn mazes and amusement parks that turn into terrifying parks at night. Georgia might not have many amusement parks, but it does have one that gives us all we need all year round. Six Flags started their annual Fright Fest in Georgia this past weekend and you should start planning your trip ASAP. 

Six Flags Fright Fest is one of the scariest amusement park festivals there is. Starting on September 14 and going to November 3, you can attend this terrifying event every night. You will be chased throughout the park by your worst nightmares and maybe even sit next to one on a ride.

If you really want to put yourself to the test, this year you can participate in the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge. There is a hefty $600 prize that awaits you if you are the winner. 

This challenge is not for the weak and is very intense. If being confined to a 30-inch x 7-foot wooden coffin sounds like your cup of tea, this is for you. You are only allowed out for bathroom breaks every three hours, and to participate in various challenges. 

The Fright Fest monsters will be lurking around your coffins the entire time you are in them, which makes for an even creepier experience. In the rules, if you leave your coffin for any reason, you are disqualified. 

In order to win the grand prize, you have to complete challenges. Some might include eating a live cockroach, eating a whole onion and lemon, bobbing for lamb hearts, holding a snake for six minutes or wearing a rotten fish necklace. 

You can register on the Six Flags website now; registration ends on September 27. The event will start at 5:00 p.m. October 11 and end at 11:00 p.m. October 12. 

The crowned winner will receive $600, two 2019 Gold Season Passes, and A Fright Fest prize package of two Express Haunted House passes. If you are into spooky attractions, but maybe not into getting locked in a coffin, you need to adventure to this escape room in Atlanta that locks you in a room with a zombie or this one that locks you inside an insane asylum

30-Hour Coffin Challenge 

Price: Free! 

When: October 11-12

Address: 275 Riverside Pkwy, Austell, GA 30168

Why You Need To Participate: This is a twisted experience and a way to test your mind, if you are brave enough. You will also win some pretty awesome prizes if you are the champion.