"Frozen 2" Had Over 80 Animators & A Large Chunk Of Them Are Very Talented Canadians

Canada is full of talented people!
"Frozen 2" Animation Was Done Thanks To Some Very Talented Canadians

With the recent launch of Disney+, many adults have been remembering just how awesome the animated movies they loved as a child were. Over the years, technology has improved, and new films continue to get better and better. Take Frozen II's animation for example, which was done thanks to the help of some very talented Canadians.

The first Frozen film came out nearly six years ago, back in November of 2013. The adorable movie introduced us to unforgettable characters like Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, and of course, catchy songs like "Let It Go" and "Frozen Heart".

After thoroughly enjoying the first film, fans were hoping that they'd receive a sequel so that they could follow up on the lives of Elsa, Anna, and co. Disney avoided any confirmation of the topic up until March of 2015 when they confirmed that Frozen II was officially in the works.

Today, almost six years to the day that the first film was released Disney enthusiasts are now able to watch the Frozen sequel in theatres.

When watching an animated movie, it can easily slip your mind that the characters on screen are being voiced by real humans. With that being said, it can also be easy to forget that every single move these characters make had to be carefully planned out and designed by Disney's talented animators.

In honour of the big day, Global News interviewed Andrew Ford, a Canadian who was one of the 800 staff members that worked on Frozen II.

Ford was raised in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, but he's now living out his dreams in the city of Burbank, California while working as an animator for Disney Studios.

According to Ford, the film had about 80 animators working on it, but he wasn't the only Canadian — more than a dozen others were also a part of the team.

When he was getting his education, Ford attended the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Alberta, and Vancouver's Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Ford shared that Canada is a "hot spot for talent", and noted that Emily Carr and Oakville's Sheridan College have amazing programs that help animators grow immensely.

Who would've thought that it takes over 800 people to put together a single animated film? Frozen II will definitely be something to remember, and now that you know that it's got a touch of Canadian magic, it's even more special.

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