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It is time to stop hibernating inside your house and enjoy the frosty landscape. There are so many frozen waterfalls hikes in Alberta that you need to discover if you love the outdoors and don't mind the cold. Now that the cold weather has arrived, you might assume that the hiking season is over. But the fresh layer of ice and snow has transformed Alberta's parks and trails into actual winter wonderlands.

Around the province, there are so many incredible waterfalls to visit this winter. For example, you take a tour to Johnston Canyon to see a frozen waterfall at night.

One of the most impressive hikes to a frozen waterfall you can go on is the Crescent Falls trail.

What makes this 5.6-kilometre trail so unique is it will take you past not one, but two glittering frozen waterfalls and when the light hits them just right it's nothing short of magical.

These falls are about a three-hour drive from Calgary, in Clearwater Country.

They are also only a short drive from the famous ice bubbles at Abraham Lake, so you can do up both of these truly Albertan winter adventures on the same road trip.

To see the waterfalls, you'll need to take the Crescent Falls and Bighorn Canyon loop trail. The easy hike is well worth it, but it is essential to dress for the weather.

Along the route, you'll get to enjoy stunning views of the mountains before reaching the falls. The longest drop is 27 meters of frozen water.

As some parts of the trail can be icy, so make sure to put on ice cleats and bring hiking poles for extra stability.

While it is possible to bask in the view from the upper lookout, you can head down to see the plateau between the falls.

This part will require going down a short and steep hill, so make sure to go slowly.

For those of you who don't like to do any planning, you can take a tour of both Crescent Falls and Abraham Lake.

Pursuit Adventures offers a guided tour of both sites from $110 per person.

Crescent Falls

Address: Clearwater County, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can see two magical frozen waterfalls along the same winter trail.

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