Just a few short hours before he was slated to hit the stage at the Calgary Stampede, the festival announced that G-Eazy's performance was cancelled. Hundreds of fans, some of which paid $400 to see him, were already lined up when his cancellation was announced.

G-Eazy's set was scheduled to take place at the Cowboys Music Festival tent last night. "Cowboys regrets to inform you that G-Eazy is unable to perform tonight due to reasons beyond our control," the venue said in a statement.

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But, it wasn't his fault. In fact, it might actually be our fault. According to TMZ, G-Eazy was turned away at the Canadian border. For reasons that remain unknown, Canadian customs agents banned him from entering the country. 

In May, G-Eazy was arrested in Sweden for cocaine possession and for violently attacking security guards at a nightclub. The criminal charges may be part of the reason why he was denied at the border. 

But, fans are throwing the blame back at G-Eazy for showing up to the border unprepared. “I think he probably should’ve checked immigration laws before he came to Calgary,” one pissed off concert-goer told the Calgary Herald


July 10, 2018

Disappointed fans are voicing their frustration all over G-Eazy's latest Instagram post. "Bro f*ck you. Like actually show up if you’re gunna make a bunch of people hype in Calgary to see you during stampede then flop like an hour before you some type of bitch bro," one comment reads.

Here's a tiny snapshot of what furious G-Eazy fans are saying to him:

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In addition to offering refunds for G-Eazy's show, the festival assured ticketholders that the show will still go on. They announced last night, “Calgary’s biggest Hip Hop Party will rage on tonight...We’re going to make it up to you and make it rain with tens of thousands of dollars in cash to our amazing fans tonight!” 

The Canadian Border Service Agency refused to comment on G-Eazy's situation, but did have this to say - “Admissibility of all travellers is decided on a case-by-case basis and based on the information made available to the border services officer at the time of entry. All persons seeking entry to Canada must demonstrate they meet the requirements to enter and/or stay in Canada.”

Source: Calgary Herald, TMZ