Ontarians have been eagerly awaiting a huge drop in gas prices ever since Doug Ford was elected premier, after all, it was one of his major campaign promises. When the premier scrapped the cap and trade program everyone was hopeful our promised 10 cent decrease was right around the corner. 

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The bad news is that drops in gas prices never happened after the carbon tax was eliminated. There is good news though. Gas prices are finally dropping, but it has nothing to do with Premier Ford. 

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Gas prices are actually completely dependent on the seasons because different times of year and different temperatures require unique blends of gas. So a winter-blend of gas is actually cheaper to produce than a summer blend, meaning every fall and winter gas prices dip a bit. 

In the summer, gas costs more because there are more additives to help burn better and also to ensure it doesn't evaporate in the warmer temperatures. On top of that, the process for refining summer-blend gas is more complicated, which affects the supply and demand. 

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Despite Doug Ford slashing the carbon tax when he cut the Cap and Trade program in an effort to save Ontarians 10 cents/litre at the pumps, the average price of gas in Ontario right now is around 130 cents, only two cents lower than when the Ford government cut cap and trade. 

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While there are a number of other factors that contribute to the price of gas, such as world events and the markets, in general Ontarians and all of Canada, can expect a decrease in the price at the pumps coming soon. 

This is good news for Ontarians, but Doug Ford isn't celebrating (especially because he has nothing to do with it). On top of failing to lower gas prices himself, the Ontario government just lost majorly in court, forcing them to cancel legislation that cut Toronto's city council in half.