Gas Prices Across Canada Will Rise "Dramatically" Tomorrow, Here's Why

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Gas Prices Across Canada Will Rise "Dramatically" Tomorrow, Here's Why
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If you haven’t filled up your tank, you might want to consider doing it today. Starting tomorrow, gas prices in Canada will rise “dramatically” and it doesn’t look good. According to a senior petroleum analyst from GasBuddy, prices are going to reach a new high starting tomorrow, April 24, 2019. Now might be the perfect time to buy a bike. 

Gas prices have been insane these past few months. Just two short weeks ago, gas prices in Canada reached an all-time record-breaking high in North America. At the time, gas prices skyrocketed to $1.67 per litre. Yikes. Now, they are about to get even higher starting tomorrow. 

Dan McTeague, a senior analyst for GasBuddy, tweeted out yesterday on April 22, 2019, that gas prices in Canada would raise “dramatically” and we should “get ready for a wild ride.” According to McTeague, due to "a U.S. oil embargo set to take effect on all Iranian oil next week, OPCE/Russia cutbacks, and output problems in Venezuela and Libya, gasoline and diesel prices are going to climb" starting Wednesday.

As of today, gas prices are up in Canada by an average of 1.5 cents per litre. The average price for gas varies depending on the province, however, British Columbians are paying the most.

According to GasBuddy, the average cost of gas in BC is currently 155.3 cents per litre. This high cost officially beats the previous all-time record high of 147.2 cents per litre. 

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GasBuddy reports that some stations in BC are carrying gas high as 178.9 cents per litre. 

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Alberta currently has the cheapest gas. According to GasBuddy’s live ticketing average, people in Alberta can expect to pay around 120.6 cents per litre right now. This is down from their record high this year of 122.9 cents per litre. 

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These are what the other Canadian provinces are paying for an average price of gas:

  • Saskatchewan 127.2 cents per litre
  • Manitoba 128.2 cents per litre
  • Quebec 133 cents per litre
  • Ontario 127.9 cents per litre
  • Newfoundland 137.3 cents per litre
  • P.E.I 123.4 cents per litre
  • Nova Scotia 130.7 cents per litre
  • New Brunswick 132.5 cents per litre

According to the Vancouver Sun, McTeague noted that gas prices in Metro Vancouver typically rise in the morning and drop in the evening. This is done by the retailers. Because of this, drivers should never purchase their gas in the morning and should always wait until the prices have dropped by the retailers in the evening. 

Not driving may be unrealistic for many Canadians. So if you need to drive, we suggest filling up your tank today before the price increases tomorrow.

To find the cheapest gas station near you, check out the GasBuddy website.

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer