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Gas Prices In Ontario Are As Low As 92 Cents A Litre Right Now

Gas stations across Ontario have lowered their prices and these are the cheapest ones.
Gas Prices In Ontario Are As Low As 92 Cents A Litre Right Now

Yesterday, we learned that gas prices across Ontario were slated to drop significantly across the province. The reason, according to a GasBuddy spokesperson, is based on a "historical drop in crude prices," which plummeted by 7.8 percent this week. 

Now, Ontario is beginning to see the effects of that historical drop at the pumps. A four-cent drop in price per litre was predicted, but some parts of the province are seeing prices dip as low as 92.3/litre. 

That particular gas station currently holds the title for the lowest prices in the entire province.  It's located in the town of Hagersville, about a thirty-minute drive from Brantford. In second place is the Costco in London-West at 94.9/litre.

Here are the ten stations with the lowest gas prices in Ontario today:

Via GasBuddy

In the GTA, the prices are pretty comparable. There are four pumps in the Toronto area, both in the East and West end, that are currently sitting at 99.9/litre.

Via GasBuddy

As you can see, among the top ten cheapest gas stations in the GTA right now, the most expensive is 105.6/litre. Which, compared to this time a couple months ago, is pretty great.

To find the cheapest gas near you, check out GasBuddy's lowest price locator

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