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Gas Will Be Nearly Impossible To Get In B.C. This Summer Thanks To Alberta

This could have devastating consequences for all of Canada.
Gas Will Be Nearly Impossible To Get In B.C. This Summer Thanks To Alberta

As tensions between Alberta and British Columbia continue to rise regarding Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline project, Alberta has once again chosen to retaliate against the roadblocks by making life increasingly difficult for B.C. residents. 

First, Alberta placed a province-wide ban on wine imported from British Columbia. Now, they're turning off the taps on fuel, which would leave half of B.C.'s gas stations without supply all summer and force prices to skyrocket well above $2 per litre.

Via Konstantin Androsov

The sudden halt on Alberta's oil export to B.C. could have a devastating impact on the province's economy. If Alberta goes through with it, gas stations should prepare for rolling blackouts and long dry spells. 

This could be a severe blow to Canada's economy as a whole, affecting the value of the Canadian dollar and affect some of Canada's most profitable industries, including forestry, agriculture and airlines. 

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The move is a powerful one, as B.C. is almost entirely dependent on Alberta's oil supply for fuel and lacks the resources to get it from other markets. Experts have said that there's "no one else out there" that is going to sell gas to the province of British Columbia. 

B.C. Attorney General has called Alberta's threat a "political bluff," and has no real intention of going through with it, knowing the disastrous impact this could have on the entire country. But, the threats are being taken very seriously by the B.C. government. It's clear that Alberta is willing to do what it takes to fiercely defend their stance on the pipeline. 


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