The Rocky Mountain National Park Has A Stunning Lake Tucked Away In The Sky

A literal hidden gem.
Gem Lake In Colorado Is Tucked Away High Up In The Mountains

If you are ready to splash into some new adventures, this unique spot is sure to fulfill your daydreams of magical hidden lakes. Gem Lake in Colorado is a tiny basin fed by rainwater and melted snow nestled high in the mountains, making it a truly spectacular natural occurrence. The fact that it sits high up in the mountains adds to the surreal vibes surrounding this gorgeous alpine lagoon.

If you are looking for something off the beaten track, this hike will lead you through mountain cliffs and lush forests'.

Gem Lake can be found in Estes Park, Colorado, along a popular three-mile roundtrip trail through switchbacks, alpine terrain, and stunning wildflower blooms.

The water itself is nestled in a circular outcrop that sits high above the forest floor, perfect for spectacular views of the valley.

It looks like a hidden lagoon sitting 8,000 feet above the alpine wilderness.

You can explore the 'bowl' of boulders and the tiny lake inside year-round. 

This, along with its location, makes it a genuinely incredible spot to visit.

You can reach the hidden alcove by driving through Estes Park until you reach MacGregor Avenue.

There, you will take a right and continue until you reach Chasm Road. There is a sign for the lake and a parking area.

The Lumpy Ridge Trailhead will lead you to the hidden 'gem,' but the trail can get challenging, so be prepared to do some climbing to get there.

Entry to the Rocky Mountain National Park is $25, and parking costs $10.

Because of the high elevation of the lagoon, the trail can be steep in some places, but it is worth the effort.

If you think you've seen all the lakes the Rocky Mountain State has to offer, think again.

This dreamy spot will transport you to a magical world of a shimmering lagoon set so high above the ground you'll feel like you've stepped into the clouds.

Gem Lake

Price: $25-day pass, $10 parking

Address: Estes Park, CO

Why You Need To Go: This hidden lake is a gem tucked away in the mountains high above the forest floor.


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