You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to appreciate all the wonder and magic a tree can evoke. Simply admiring its age and huge sweeping canopies can sometimes be enough. That’s certainly the case with the Constitution Oak in Geneva Alabama, one of the state's largest and oldest living oak trees. A stunning sight to behold, this lofty giant is an icon in Alabama’s history and you’ll definitely want to pay it a visit this summer.

This infamous tree goes by several names, including The Big Oak and Ole Oak. Encyclopedia of Alabama cites it as being believed to be both the largest and oldest oak in the state, and its measurements are quite impressive.

Standing 69 feet tall, the lush limbs have tremendous spread, with its longest branch measuring 85 to 90 feet long.

The tree still stands as a living image of the Dixie State's past; residents even used to gather below its branches for meetings when the town of Geneva was first settled.

Believed to be roughly 300 hundred years old, The Old Oak has witnessed many weddings, gatherings, and photoshoots over the years.

Today, you can still visit the tree tucked away in the Robert A. Fowler Memorial Park.

In 2018, residents of Geneva expressed concern in Donathan Eagle's report over a large damaged branch. Mayor Frankie Lindsay had experts from across Alabama come to examine the tree to prevent future damage and keep it standing for many years to come.

While the cracked branch was due to age, the mayor assured citizens that the tree was in good health.

Whether you go for the tree alone or to see all Fowler Park has to offer, you're sure to see some stunning nature views. Pack a picnic for two and you suddenly have an affordable day date with your boo.

The Constitution Oak holds a special place in history and the heart of Geneva, and it definitely deserves a spot on your Alabama adventures bucket list.

Constitution Oak

Address: Robert A. Fowler Memorial Park, Geneva, AL24GV+R3 Geneva, AL

Why You Need To Go: Visiting this stunning tree is the perfect trip for history buffs and nature lovers.

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