Well, it looks like two Canadian sports worlds are colliding. Toronto Blue Jays fan favourite Bo Bichette seems pretty eager to get to know tennis star Eugenie Bouchard in a little one-on-one match. Could this be the beginning of a Genie Bouchard-Bo Bichette romance?

After Bichette posted a comment on Bouchard's Halloween costume picture, fans are starting to speculate it might be more than just a little friendly on-court competition.

"When you gonna let me get on the court with you??" Bichette commented on a photo of Bouchard's jokey Halloween outfit.

If you're interested, the Montreal-born star's post showed her pretending to use a magazine cover photo of herself as a costume.

The magazine cover photo in question was surrounded by negative captions such as "She's a hot mess." Bouchard has a sense of humour, there's no question about that.

So, Bichette asked Bouchard for a knock-around. What's so special about that?

Well, Bouchard didn't exactly help that innocent image. She answered Bo by asking the breakout baseball star to send her a dm, adding a wink emoji at the end. Come on now, Genie!

Although a lot of people saw that as a bit forward, Bichette made sure to clarify his intentions.

"Smh I just wanna play tennis 😂," he added, to settle the waters of speculation. 

Well, to try to, anyway.

That ain't doing it for fans, though. They're too busy already digging it, with some applauding Bichette's can-do attitude.

Bichette's comment garnered 236 likes so there is no denying that fans totally love the idea.

The idea of a friendly tennis match, we mean, of course.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Bouchard accepted a date invitation she received on social media.

After accepting an agreement hinging on the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl back in 2017, Bouchard dated the bold fan as a reward/forfeit.

Bo's been taking notes, perhaps.

Of course, Bichette has previously revealed he chose playing baseball professionally over trying his hand at tennis, so maybe he really does just want to try his hand.

Canadian sports fans certainly love trying to throw their heroes together, that's for sure.

First, it was Raptors star Serge Ibaka and Tiffany Haddish, and then it moved onto Ibaka's teammate Pascal Siakam and Canada's new queen, Bianca Andreescu.

Now, it's Bouchard and Bichette. Shoot your shot, Bo. You've got the support of the people, it would seem!

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