You will be whisked away to a real-life Neverland when visiting this historic town. Nestled in a former silver mining camp, the Georgetown Loop Railroad in Colorado is a stunning ride through the Rocky Mountains. Despite this short and sweet venture, you'll be amazed at the beautiful sights the entire way. 

Stationed at an elevation of 8,530 feet in the mountains, Georgetown and its neighbor, Silver Plume, are quaint historical centers that were established back in 1859.

You can witness the charm and allure for yourself on the scenic train ride between the towns and alpine mountains.

A trip back in time costs $27.50 per adult and includes a roundtrip train ride. You can also purchase tickets that include mine tours and gold panning. 

The old-fashioned steam journey will last about an hour and fifteen minutes and is two-miles long. 

With two different stations to depart from (one in Silver Plume the other in Georgetown), you'll get to load up on snacks and souvenirs before your trip. Plus, who doesn't love a good snack with views?

All aboard!

No matter which depot station you arrive at, the loop will always take you back to the one you started at.

Plus, with open-air cars, you'll get to experience the scenery all around you in a whole new way. It might be time to get that camera you've had your eye on, but fear not, a phone will work just as good too. 

Train rides are seasonal and start for the year on May 22, 2020, through January 3, 2021. On holidays, you can expect to be whisked through Santa's Lighted Forest or during the fall, travel between the ever-changing aspen trees. 

And since this Rocky Mountain adventure is only 46-miles outside of Denver, it's the best place to get a glimpse of the past and enjoy some R&R surrounded by nature. 

Georgetown Loop Railroad

Price: $27.50+

When: May 22, 2020, to January 3, 2021

Address: Devil's Gate Depot Station, 646 Loop Drive, Georgetown, CO

Why you need to go: You can get stunning views of the mountains, and it's a day trip away from Denver. 


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