This Super Short Hike In North Georgia Has Crazy Breathtaking Views

Short and sweet with sweeter views.
Georgia Hike With A View Is The Only Way To See The Peach State From A Birdeye's View

Temperatures in Georgia are getting everyone's attention these days and it's starting to dictate our fun a bit. Do I stay in or go out? Do I wear shorts or is this a sweatpants kind of day? One thing's for sure, certain activities will never go out of style no matter the weather. This Georgia hike with a view is perfect for every season and you seriously have to give these hills a climb for an intense look at Georgia from above. 

Preachers Rock is on the Appalachian Trail near Dahlonega and Helen, Georgia. It's only a 2-mile hike roundtrip with many outlooks, so there's plenty of time to see all these great views along your trip. This hike is also dog-friendly so bringing along your furry bestie is accepted and encouraged. 

This is considered one of the easier hikes in Georgia with little elevation in the climb. The trailhead begins at Woody Gap on Georgia Highway 60; here you're immediately met with beautiful views at the start. The trail quickly drops into Woody Creek Valley and you get a chance to see the North Georgia mountains on the border of the state.

The gradual climb from here leads past a paved highway and even a few campsites along the way. Along this route, you'll see plenty of plants and flowers that will add a bit of beauty to your journey. You'll come through the forests on the northeastern side of the route and be met by Preachers Rock.

You'll also begin to climb the Big Cedar Mountain that's around the 1-mile mark. The huge boulders around these elevations are pretty places to relax, breathe and take in the incredible views. You'll be able to see a great stretch of the southeast, extending to the Dockery Lake and valley below.

This is a perfect hike for a sunny, breezy day when you want to get out but don't want to work up too much of a sweat. If you're looking for a longer hike in North Georgia, this 11-mike hike puts you right in the clouds. There's also shorter hikes all over Georgia with amazing views and even some waterfalls to make the journey that much more rewarding. Get out and see the best views Georgia has to offer. 

Preachers Rock

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Why You Need To Go: This super short hike has amazing views perfect for any season. 

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