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Georgia Is Finally Getting A Buc-ee's & We Seriously Cannot Wait For Beaver Nuggets

Don't worry, they're not what you're thinking.
Georgia Is Getting A Buc-ee's In Warner-Robins In 2021 & Construction Just Started

As Georgia natives, we have the luxury of having QuikTrips and RaceTracks to fulfill our slushie and snack needs at any time of day. One convenience store that might overrule both of those spots is Buc-ee's, which are only located in Texas, Alabama and Florida. Georgia is getting a Buc-ee's in about a year and this could be the start of something great. 

Buc-ee's is finally coming to Georgia and if you are a Texas native, we know you are doing a happy dance right now. This is not your average convenience store; it is one of the most boujee and nicest places you'll ever enter. QuikTrip, you have some competition coming to town. 

The first Buc-ee's will be located in Warner-Robins, Georgia and is slated to open early 2021. Ground-breaking construction started today (Nov. 18) at 11:00 a.m. so this is the real deal.

This chain gas station/convenience store decided on I-75 in Warner-Robins because it's close to the Air Force base. If you're coming from Atlanta to go south to Florida, you'll pass this area, according to a press release the company put out. 

This spot will be a massive 53,000-square-foot travel center with 116 fueling stations. They even pride themselves on having the cleanest restrooms around (finally!).

One snack that is a must-buy every time you stop at a Buc-ee's is their Beaver Nuggets. Don't worry, it's a corn puff covered in caramel, no beaver will be consumed. 

Another great thing this spot is bringing is jobs. Buc-ee's official release says they're going to provide over 200 people with employment and great benefits. 

Georiga is home to some pretty cool things, so this is just adding to the list. Along with Colin Kaepernick who actually held his NFL workout at a local Atlanta high school over the weekend and Nick Cannon's Wild 'n Out filming here next month (for free).

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