When you go to the movie theatre, you usually are prepared to empty your wallet to get overpriced tickets and very overpriced movie snacks. Ever thought about changing it up and taking a road trip to one of the drive-in movie theaters in Georgia?

Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater located in Trenton, Georgia should be the one you adventure to this summer with some friends because it is the largest in the world. 

It is home to the largest drive-in movie screens in the entire world! That's right, we said screens. 

There are two screens on this property that stand to be 100' x 50.' If you were to stand next to it, you would look like an ant. Most drive-in movie screens today are around 60 to 80 feet, according to the Smithsonian

Another cool thing about drive-ins that you cannot get at the actual movie theater is double features. 

Each screen plays double features of the newest movies every night. Check out their website, here, to see what movies are playing. This week, they are featuring Aladdin, Dumbo, John Wick 3, and Longshot. 

The drive-in opens at 7:30 p.m., but the movies don't begin to show until 9:30 p.m. 

To get a great spot and get comfortable in your set up, we suggest getting there when it opens.

It is also only $7 per person to enter and watch both of the movies that are playing...sure does beat the movie theater where prices usually start at $12 for one movie. 

Usually, each of the movie lots will be playing similar movies. One will play family-friendly, feel-good movies, and the other lot will mainly have rated R movies. 

Whatever you are feeling like that night, you have options for which lot you want to stay on.

Do not even get us started on the concession list, it's incredible. From hamburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, and BBQ sandwiches, to hot dogs, nachos, and chili. This place has it all. 

Not to mention, the prices are very reasonable. Nothing is over $5.50! 

Hop in your car and take a trip to this unique movie theater and experience movies like you never have before. 

Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater is located at 217 Old Hales Rd. Trenton, GA 30752.