The best thing about Savannah is that you can walk around with an open container. If you do not finish your drink at the bar, you can take it with you to the next one. This is a law that is rare in the state, so praise this city for being the real MVPs. The famous River Street is also home to the smallest liquor store in the world and you can take your drink onto the streets after you visit. 

River Street Liquor is the smallest liquor store in the world and it is right here in Georgia. Go into this literal hole in the wall, order your drink and be on your way. It has so many options of alcohol to choose from, so you know you will be going back for more during your day. 

It is also open on Sundays which is a plus (and a rarity). The walls are also filled with liquor bottles so you can also buy for an at-home party.

The owner, Jeff, literally walked into this closet-sized store and said, "This should be a liquor store!" This is the type of energy we all need in our lives; you go, Jeff. He will also offer you suggestions on what drink to get if you are too overwhelmed by the options. 

Hole in the wall restaurants and places are always the best types of destinations, so you know you need to visit this one. They have brands that range from Grey Goose and Absolut, to Wild Turkey and Maker's Mark. 

Savannah, and especially River Street, is the ultimate travel destination. If you have a large party, of at least 10 people, you are in luck. River Street Liquor will give you a party package. 

In the Pulaski Package, you will get 50 shots and a liter of Bourbon Club Bourbon or a 5th of Amsterdam Vodka, which includes any in stock. This is only $100; only $10 per person is a pretty good deal for the people in your party.

We have to warn you, the cobblestone that surrounds this city is brutal and is known to take the weak, as well as the tipsy. Beware of this after a day of drinking. This is definitely a spot to hit when you are bar hopping on your vaycay. 

If you are wanting more out of your trip, there are so many riverfront activities that you (and your drink) can partake in

River Street Liquor

Price: $3+

Address: 425 E. River Street, Savannah, Ga 31401

Why you should go: This is the smallest liquor store in the entire world, what more can you ask for?