Georgia Just Opened Their First "Chipotlane" With A Second Location Opening In Atlanta Next Month

Dreams really do come true.
Georgia Just Opened Their First "Chipotlane" With A Second Location Opening In Atlanta Next Month

Chipotle has positioned themselves to being in a sweet spot when it comes to fast food choices. They use all-natural and eco-friendly ingredients so they're a fan favorite amongst the healthies, but they make an evenly stuffed burrito in less than 60 seconds. They're definitely on the higher tiers when it comes to fast foods. Now with the latest addition of the first "Chipotlane" in Georgia, the love of chips and guac is sure to stay strong in the state. 

We truly didn't think it could get any better after the queso drop or the delivery option, but the drive-thru Chipotle Mexican Bar and Grill may just be a gamechanger. These speciality locations have been popping up across the country (only 15 to be exact), and Georgia has joined the privledged list to try out this new venture.

Burrito and taco lovers in Cobb County will now be able to set up their orders digitally through the Google Play or Apple Store Chipotle app and pick-up without leaving their cars.

The Chipotlane, located in the ever-evolving Marietta, came with the opening of an entirely new Chipotle restaurant (July 9) and already has many fans as expected.

The next location is set to open in Midtown Atlanta at 1080 Peachtree Street on August 6th, making it the 53rd Chipotle location in the state. 

We're hoping that the grand opening of this second Chipotlane with follow suit to its Marietta predecessor by giving away 50 free t-shirts to visitors with their meal. Who doesn't love free things?

With major moves like this, it's a clear understanding as to why the loved Mexican bar and grill is a $20.31B mega giant, and growing. Stop by the new location, for science reasons of course, and be ready to receive your extra guac and free tee at the Atlanta opening next month. 


Price: 💸

Address: 3606 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA

Why you should go: Drive-thru Chipotle, need we say more?