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Georgia's 2019 Peach Season Is Finally Here And It's Going To Be Sweet

Ain't nothin' sweeter than a Georgia peach.

It is the moment all Georgia residents have been waiting for...peach season! Markets and farms all over the peach state are harvesting and picking the freshest peaches to give to its customers. 

Out of all the seasons of fruit around Georgia, peach season is definitely the most anticipated of them all. During the summer, peach festivals pop up, and U-Pick events occur at all the different farms.

Peach events happen all throughout the season and there are a few that are happening in the next few months. 

Atlanta has its own Peachfest event and every year it grows in size due to the popularity of the destination. More than 70 chefs, pastry chefs, and bartenders will be there serving up peach flavored drinks and dishes for you to try. There will also be local farmers that will inform you all about peach farming. This will be on July 21. 

One local farm in Alto offers one peach U-Pick day a year, and this year it is on August 3, 2019. Jaemor Farms lets you pick either a peck or a half bushel of white and yellow peaches. 

Some farms do not have any festivals or U-Pick events, but you can still get a ton of fresh peaches already picked that are fresh and ready to eat from a few places. 

Pearson Farms has been growing this juicy fruit since 1885 and you can either order peaches online, or you can go and grab a crate yourself. Lane Southern Orchards not only has a market, but also a cafe filled with peach filled goodies. You can get peach ice cream, wine, pastries, jams, and jellies throughout the summer. 

You can also visit Dickey Farms and Georgia Peach World to get your fresh peach fix. 

Peaches can range anywhere from $6 to $40 depending on the farm and how many you get, but it is worth it to get them farm fresh. 

You can also find farm fresh peaches at your local farmer's market on the weekends throughout the state, so you do not even have to travel that far!

Peach Season in the Peach State

Price: $2 a pound and up

Address: All over Georgia 

Why you should get some: Peaches are Georgia's staple fruit, we are the peach state. There are many farms throughout GA that have fresh peaches that you can purchase, and even some events during the summer to try all different kinds of peach dishes.