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You Can Step Into A Magical World Filled With 2,000 Butterflies At This Georgia Garden

Step into a world that is filled with all of your childhood dreams. When you enter the butterfly center at Callaway Gardens, you will be immersed in a place where over 2,000 butterflies are freely flying and living.

Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center is a massive glass building where butterflies roam freely and you can actually visit it to experience the magic. 

You can expect to see over 2,000 butterflies fluttering around throughout the center. They have everything they need to thrive.

As you step inside, you will feel like you are still outside. The creators have created an environment where tropical plants can grow and nourish the butterflies with the nectar that they need.

The containment stays at a nice 80 degrees and has a 74% humidity to make it really feel tropical. 

The creators of this conservation wanted to make sure that the native species could feel like they were in a tropical environment, and not inside a glass building. 

This is one of North America's largest tropical butterfly conservatories, according to Callaway Gardens.

There are also butterfly lessons that happen in this area, so you can learn about how they are cared for, and how they grow and flourish in this environment. 

You will see all types of butterflies like the Blue Morpho, Owl Butterfly, Great Mormon, Heliconius, Paper Kite, Spring Azure, and the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. 

The Gardens get their butterflies from farmers in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Kenya, the Philippines, and Malaysia, aka this place is cultured and has butterflies from all over the world. 

General admission to the entire garden, including the butterfly garden, is $24.95. The entire property is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

You can visit Callaway Gardens at 17800 US-27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822. 

Butterfly Center At Callaway Gardens 

Price: $24.95 for general admission 

Address: 17800 US-27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822. 

Why you should go: You can be up close and personal with over 2,000 butterflies.